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Aug 23

On Guardians of the Galaxy, and the line I will not cross.


I haven’t actually been on Tumblr much these past few weeks, and in particular I haven’t been on it at a computer lately, but having just seen Guardians of the Galaxy again last night, I really feel the need to address something in how the criticism of Drax and That Line that he says about Gamora is being processed by a lot of fans.

For me, that line is out of character and out of continuity. The writers simply got that part of the chronicle of What Really Happened wrong. They went for a cheap joke at the expense of a socially acceptable “easy target” and the story suffered for it. It’s a sour note. It rings wrong.

A lot of people, though, while acknowledging the line as misogynistic, have spun out the theory that Drax was merely repeating an epithet he’d heard hurled at her, and not understanding figures of speech, assumed it was true without judgment.

And the thing is, I understand that when you go to see Hollywood blockbusters as a woman, sometimes you have to hold your nose and figure out a way to explain away what you’re smelling. I understand the principle of what we might call “protective headcanons”.

But the thing is, women in general were not the targets of that line. And when we start explaining away the problematic parts of a narrative that are primarily harmful to others, we’re making excuses.

See, when we sum up the problem with a line like that as being “it’s a misogynistic slur”, we’re ignoring the actual mechanism of violence being employed, which is to demean woman (who is  presumed to be above such degradation) by comparing her to other[ed] women, who are presumed to embody it… a presumption that is reinforced both by the comparison, and by outraged reactions that essentially boil down to “How dare you suggest that [I/her/Gamora/whoever] is a mere ________.”

Nota Bene: If your criticism of/reaction to the line does not go beyond “misogynistic slur”, then your reaction boils down to it.

"Bitch" is a misogynistic slur because it compares women to animals… breeding animals with unclean habits.

"W****" compares women to each other.

To sum it up as misogyny is to suggest that misogyny is what happens when the right women are treated like the wrong women.

I feel like if you’re not a sex worker, that’s not a line you should be excusing. You should not be cheerily amending the film to include a backstory for the line that turns it into a lighthearted, lovable misunderstanding so you can watch the movie comfortably. That scene should always be uncomfortable, it should always ring as a false, harsh, discordant note.

I will be honest: I love this movie, and right now… and probably for the next several years… it is the most important piece of media in my emotional repertoire for deeply personal reasons.

So when I say that I don’t care how much you love the movie, please understand that I’m not saying “don’t love the movie”. I couldn’t stop loving it if I tried.

But loving something thorns and all doesn’t mean pretending the thorns are just a few extra rosebuds, especially when the thorn just caught your sleeve but it gouged someone else’s arm.

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  • hydra merchandising is not cool
  • death eater merchandising is not cool
  • the harry potter fandom embracing death eater imagery is not cool
  • the mcu cast and marvel staff embracing hydra imagery is not cool 

impressionable children who don’t know better are being sold the images and logos of fictional extremist hate movements that are very clear metaphors for real extremist hate movements as something innocent and attractive, and that is not cool

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everyone please read milo manara’s defense of his spider-woman cover it is literally the best thing



Oh my god

I can’t even

I wanted to draw is a woman who, after climbing the wall of a skyscraper, crawls on the roof. She finds herself at the edge, her right leg still not on the roof. So regarding the anatomical criticism, I think they are wrong, she is not meant to have both knees on the roof. One leg is still down, and the other is pulling up. And that’s why her back is arched.

It’s not my fault if women are like that. I only draw them. It’s not my design, it’s one from a far more “important” author, for those who believe. On the other hand, for evolutionists, like me, women’s bodies have taken this form over millennia to avoid the ‘extinction of the species’. If women were made exactly as men, with the same shape, I think we would have been extinct for a long time already.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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Andrew Garfield as Justin Timberlake

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In very rare circumstances it is possible to see a full 360 degree rainbow from an airplane

target locked. firing lesbian ray

i don’t think you realize how much you missed the chance to either use “gay ray” or “Lesbian Laser”. we got to be phonetic with our queer weaponry.




In very rare circumstances it is possible to see a full 360 degree rainbow from an airplane

target locked. firing lesbian ray

i don’t think you realize how much you missed the chance to either use “gay ray” or “Lesbian Laser”. we got to be phonetic with our queer weaponry.

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your life is worth living even if you’re “not doing anything”

your life is worth living even if you are “letting life pass you by”

your life is worth living even if you stay in bed all day every day watching netflix

you don’t have to be big, beloved, important, beautiful, wealthy or famous

there is dignity in just being

it is ok to be

you merely have to be

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“The concept of conscious consumption, that is that buying slightly more expensive coffee, or buying organic produce, or thrift shopping, designates a desire for reform or rebellion, or even an act in and of itself or reform or rebellion, casts our consumer decisions as the only valid form of political consciousness. This individual-focused activism can often be self destructive: the rising prices of Quinoa or thrift shops, to the degree that the poor people who used these things to live in the years past have now been priced out in favor of the upper class people who see it as an addition to their socially conscious aesthetic. But it can also be destructive to any attempt to change anything, and functions as a way by which the upper class separates itself from the lower class which it is supposedly helping. Choosing not to go to walmart can be a political decision, but it is also a form of privilege which is wielded against those who have few other options. This kind of consumer activism puts the only ‘valid’ kind of politics into the hands of those who can afford it.”

The Myth of the Non-Political, R Dobbs

Kaz I wrote this better 8 months ago

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Aug 22

People aren’t talkin about the news, they’re talking about what they think the news is. There is no news channel saying “This is what happened, draw your own conclusions.” We have made this country so bereft of critical thinking, that now we have a problem where we have to teach them to think for themselves.

We have no unified authority, or problem solvers. We have congressman discussing environmentalism, when they don’t understand half the problems our earth is going through. We go to congress instead of going to people who have worked their whole LIFE trying to solve these problems. When it comes to racism, we’re asking a panel of white dudes, when it comes to sexism and woman’s rights we ask a panel of white priests on what they think. IT’S INSANITY! We ask people who are not in the arena they should be speaking in/for.

AND THAT’S WHY WE DON’T trust the media, it’s because they’re not in the arena of black experience, and they don’t care about the black experience, UNTIL something bad happens and they have the tools to paint us as destructive, ugly and evil!

-The response of a Protester in Ferguson who was asked by a reporter as to why most of the protesters didn’t want their faces on tv.  (via sara-the-narco)

The Protester who said this is named Greg Thomas, and y’all should follow his Twitter. 

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Peter’s first read through.


So cute!

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Things Dumbledore Did That’d Be Creepy If You Did them

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golbees said: b-b-breaking bad?


breaking bad writers room

"okay. no matter what we do, people seem to see walt as a good guy. what can we do to fix this"

"how about… walt threatens to eat a baby"


"and he does it…"

"at a chuck e. cheese"

"during a child’s birthday"

months later, on a breaking bad fan forum

centaurfan5501 said: “can’t believe skyler wouldn’t let walt eat that baby during a birthday at the chuck e. cheese”

mustardhomecrafter said: “yeah what the fuck is her problem”




It really warms my heart to see the library looking out for its community in the light of everything happening in Ferguson.

(Source 1, 2)

EDIT: Be sure to follow Ferguson Library on twitter.



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